Public Safety & Surveillance – Safer Schools

Traditional school security measures fail to keep pace with today’s physical and digital threats, leaving educators, parents, and students anxious about the safety of their schools.

StackLynk joins forces with Cisco to offer a complete set of surveillance, access control, and collaboration solutions that create safer, more secure environments to protect what’s most valuable. Our secured network capability ensures devices and networks are tamper-proof, so that attacks are preventable, even when running remotely.

Here’s how our SAFER SCHOOLS SOLUTION works.

Before an Event: We provide prevention capability to identify potential issues or threats, keeping watch on campus activity with ongoing protection security measures, such as campus access controls and monitoring systems.

During an Event: We provide contextual, relevant information to first-responders and key personnel to minimize response times and execute appropriate and courses of action.

After an Event: Enable real-time information to facilitate communication with the broader community.

Our BOLD Public Safety & Surveillance – Safer Schools Solutions include:

  • Advanced solutions for surveillance, notification, and access control
  • Critical connectivity to student, parent, and emergency personnel
  • Real-time, automated video monitoring/analytics
  • Enhanced security and lower operational costs
  • Network infrastructure, students, and data protection
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